Gestion de Campagnes AdWords

Google AdWords campaign management

Best results with AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to increase your visibility on Google instantly, targeting those who are looking for your products and services. That way, you will quickly reach your goals to find new customers and to increase your income.

How does Google AdWords work ?

In short, using an auction system, Google AdWords allows you to buy visibility on Google and its partner sites.

Where will your AdWords ads be displayed ?

Comment fonctionne AdWords

The operation of AdWords is simple. First, you determine what keywords are relevant to your business, and you target these words. Then, when a Google user searches the words that you've targeted, your ad is displayed on the results page. Finally, the user that clicks on your ad is sent to the page of your choice, and you pay the bid amount that was required to show your ad.

Does an AdWords campaign really give results ?

Here are some interesting statistics that proves that AdWords works :

  • 95% of 50 billion dollars income from Google in 2012 came from AdWords1
  • Every $1 spent on AdWords generates on average $2 income2
  • The first 3 results of AdWords receive on average 41% of the clicks for commercial searches3

If you're not using AdWords, you are missing on many opportunities !

Why entrust the management of your AdWords campaigns to an expert ?

It's easy to create an advertising campaign with Google AdWords. But, creating a campaign that will give you a good return on investment is totally different !

Maybe you have created your own AdWords campaigns with the help of a Google representative. In this case, your results can be greatly improved.

We can help you by...  :

  • Looking for relevant keywords for your campaigns
  • Creating ads that will capture your customers attention
  • Optimizing your campaigns to improve your return on investment

By doing business with a specialist in AdWords campaigns, you will decrease your cost per clicks, and you will get more clicks that will bring you customers.

We have a Google AdWords Certification  : Certified Specialist. You can be sure that we will help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns.

What our customers have to say :

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