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Agence de Marketing par email

With an average return on investment of $40.56 for every $1 spent1, email marketing is undoubtedly the form of advertisement with the highest return on investment.

But, for your email marketing campaigns to be successful, you need to understand the best ways to use them.

How to use email marketing ?

Email marketing is used to achieve 5 main goals :

  • Make your brand known
  • Increase your sales
  • Generate leads
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers
  • Remind your customers who you are

To achieve these goals, it is clear that email marketing is not just sending out mass emails to all your contacts. A lot of time must be invested in the strategy, creation and development of these campaigns to get real results.

Why deal with an agency for your email marketing ?

Email marketing requires many specialized skills. Do you have the time or the qualified staff needed to take in charge the creation and management of this important aspect of your business ? If the answer is no, you need a specialized agency.

manages all aspects of your email marketing for you. Our services include :

  • Strategic advice
  • Visual content design
  • Writing
  • Integration
  • Analysis of results and optimization

Your emails will be compatible with all types of browsers and will be designed so that they reach their destination without being blocked by anti-spam software.

By doing business with a specialized agency, you make sure you have the best possible results with your email marketing campaigns.

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  1. According to a study made by the « Direct Market Association » in 2011.